PTAssembler 6.2

It is a panoramic and high resolution image mosaic creation program
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PTAssembler is a panorama maker application for helping Windows Panorama Tools users.
This application guides the user step by step to create a Panorama image from several pictures. This tutorial (wizard) first asks for the 'Lens Parameters'. User can leave the parameters with their default values or the 35mm camera users have to set to "1" and the digital camera users have to change to 5/7. After the values are entered, they can be saved for later uses.

The program can present the complete and final Panorama view in different presentation ways: rectilinear, when the panoramas are narrow, or cylindrical/equirectangular when composing wide-angle image focus.

This panoramic stitching application works fine with high-resolution images. Panoramas can be created as linear (horizontal) stitches or 2x2 grids results. The output file can be created as JPEG, TIFF, etc. image formats, or in a layered manner as PSD or multiple TIFF file.

The application can set the coincidence points automatic or manually. Also, the user can 'call' some blending plug in programs to create (or retouch) seamless output pictures. An Online PTAssembler Tutorial is available for beginners. The 'control points' can be left in automatic, or being set by manual selection.

The program includes built-in "auto-optimization" logic to suggest best positioning of image files in the panorama creation.

The output final results are also analyzed to correct possible problems and the application makes suggestions to improve the output file.

The drag and drop capability allow users to 'handle' the initial images in an easy manner.

Panoramas can be created in batch process, creating several projects one after the other.

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